Green IT Classroom for Children of Migrant Workers in China

02__FAURECIAThe first Faurecia Green IT Classroom was launched on February 26, 2013 by Faurecia, worldwide leading auto parts provider, in cooperation with Netspring, Maverlinn and with the academic support of the Taipei Ricci Institute in Yuhong Primary School in Jiading District, Shanghai. Jean-Michel Vallin, President of Faurecia China, Arnaud Lesschaeve, Vice President of the Asia Division at Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies, project leaders from the partner Netspring, as well as school teachers and students attended the opening ceremony and participated in the following activities.

The Green IT Classrooms Against Poverty program is Netspring's philanthropic initiative to reduce electronic waste and provide e-education to rural and underprivileged students, with the goal of narrowing the rural-urban gap in living standards. In China, at least five million computers are discarded and turned into electronic waste every year. Nearly 70% of them are collected by illegal private recycling vendors, dismantled and often burned in a very environmentally unfriendly way. Such practices release a massive amount of toxic chemicals, heavily polluting the air, the water and the soil, as well as being harmful to human health. However, at the same time, thousands of children have limited access to computers due to a lack of resources, and are therefore losing important educational opportunities to learn and broaden their horizons. In light of this situation, Netspring took the lead in initiating the Green IT Classrooms Against Poverty program. This program collects second-hand computers from key stakeholders and repairs the ones still in good condition to build IT classrooms for rural and underprivileged schools, realizing improvements in environmental protection as well as education.

Faurecia, the world's sixth largest automobile parts provider, and a responsible enterprise, has always sought new means to contribute to the regions and countries where the company operates. Eco-friendliness is one of its key focus areas. Aware of the environmental significance of the Green IT Classrooms Against Poverty, Faurecia launched its first Faurecia Green IT Classroom, partnering with Netspring, in Yuhong Primary School. The primary school is for children of migrant workers in Jiading District in Shanghai, where one of Faurecia's plants is located.

To ensure the success of the project, Faurecia China, Faurecia Emissions Control Technologies and their employees have provided 40 second-hand computers to the school. 20 of them have been used for Faurecia Green IT Classroom after appropriate testing and repair by Netspring. In addition, the employees have also donated school supplies such as books, stationery and schoolbags. Over 20 volunteers from Faurecia went to Yuhong Primary School today, to give the students IT and art lessons and play team games with them.


During the opening ceremony, Jean-Michel Vallin, President of Faurecia China, stated, "Not merely pursuing profit growth, Faurecia has always been committed to being a responsible corporate citizen in every market where we operate, including China. With this classroom, Faurecia has taken a step forward in contributing to Chinese society. It is a milestone and also a starting point for Faurecia's CSR efforts in China. With this event as a starting point, we want to become an important partner in China's sustainable development. We hope that the staff who participated in this event will continue to promote our philosophy of 'assuming responsibilities and giving back to communities'. "

Faurecia is a global leader in each of its core businesses: Automotive Seating, Emissions Control Technologies, Interior Systems and Automotive Exteriors. Maintaining green concepts of innovation and sustainability, Faurecia has made outstanding contributions in energy saving, emissions reduction and environmental protection with its lighter materials and leading exhaust control technologies.







About Faurecia
Faurecia is the world's sixth-largest automotive equipment supplier with four key Business Groups: Automotive Seating, Emissions Control Technologies, Interior Systems and Automotive Exteriors. In 2012, the Group posted total sales of €17.4 billion ($22.5 billion). At December 31, 2012, Faurecia employed 94,000 people in 34 countries at 320 sites, including 30 R&D centers and 5,500 engineers. Faurecia's four core businesses all have an established presence in the Chinese market. Faurecia China is headquartered in Shanghai and has more than 8,000 employees, including 600 technicians and engineers, and 35 plants and four R&D centers. In 2012, Faurecia China's sales totaled €1.5 billion.