TRI is shifting its focus

    NTL01   The Taipei Ricci Institute has signed an agreement with Taiwan National Library creating a "Matteo Ricci - Pacific Studies Reading Room" within the premises of the library. At the same time, with the support of the library. of the Council for Aboriginal Affairs and of individual scholars, the TRI is working towards the creation of a "Taiwan Society for Pacific Studies" that will become its main research outlet and focus.

New research into language evolution suggests most Pacific populations originated in Taiwan around 5,200 years ago. The Austronesians arose in Taiwan around 5,200 years ago. Before entering the Philippines, they paused for around a thousand years, and then spread rapidly across the 7,000km from the Philippines to Polynesia in less than one thousand years. After settling Fiji, Samoa and Tonga, the Austronesians paused again for another thousand years, before finally spreading further into Polynesia eventually reaching as far as New Zealand, Hawaii and Easter Island. This cultural and linguistic history opens up compelling perspectives on the globalization process and on the challenges that humankind confronts nowadays.

承繼過往的基礎,台北利氏學社正在開拓新的研究與發展方向。學社已與國家圖書館簽訂合作協議,共同成立「利瑪竇太平洋研究室」。同時,在原住民族委員會以及台灣大學人類學系、語言學研究所、中研院史語所、民族所等機構多位教授的支持下,利氏學社亦正籌備成立「台灣太平洋研究學會」(Taiwan Society for Pacific Studies),致力於推動跨領域的太平洋研究。